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Renovation Diary: Our Bathroom Makeover

faithmitchell1 April 14, 2018

When I posted my first Renovation Diary on our kitchen makeover a few weeks ago, I was shocked to receive so many messages of support from fellow renovators struggling with estimating costs on their projects.

To carry on with the series, I thought I would detail our bathroom makeover, from demolition to . After a kitchen, a bathroom is usually next most expensive room to renovate. We had a limited budget for our house renovation, and my grandparents very generously bought our bathroom fixtures for us which helped us loads. However, even though they offered to pay for them, we still wanted to keep costs to a minimum.

The bathroom was the worst room in the house when we bought it by a mile. The floor was uneven and felt like we were going to fall through it (lino placed directly onto wonky floorboards = awful), the bathroom suite was a very fashionable shell-inspired cream number and the toilet seat had a blue, sea life inspired SQUISHY toilet seat. That toilet seat still makes me shudder now when I think of it.

What we changed in our bathroom renovation

Compared to our kitchen renovation, we didn’t change a great deal in our bathroom. All of the changes were cosmetic, which kept costs down drastically as we didn’t need to change any pipework (although there were quite a few pipes that needed removing). As well as updating the bathroom fixtures (shower/bath, toilet, sink and radiator), we also re-tiled the walls and the floor (not before sorting out the wonky floorboards).

How we renovated our bathroom

Unlike our kitchen renovation, there wasn’t a great deal of work that we did ourselves in the bathroom. As it was our first renovation we were concerned about pipework etc. so left it to our bathroom fitter to rip everything out and sort. However, in our next house we will definitely clear the room ourselves and I am pretty tempted to give tiling a go as it is definitely one of those do-it-yourself jobs.

Who we used

As mentioned in our kitchen renovation, my OH’s uncle is a kitchen and bathroom fitter and we used him to tile and fit our bathroom as well as the kitchen. His workman ship is impeccable and he’s also very tidy which is great (nothing worse than messy workmen).

We bought our bathroom fixtures from Victoria Plumb, our floor tiles from Tons of Tiles and our wall tiles from The Tile Shed (a local tile shop to us). In all honesty, I wouldn’t use Victoria Plumb again. We were warned against using them and stupidly went against advice, our sink unit arrived chipped, as did our sink, our sink tap has already started to corrode and our radiator is leaking. Safe to say, it has worn away the love I initially had for it.

The cost

Bathroom fixtures – £1310

Metro wall tiles – £198

Floor tiles (42 tiles) – £145

Bathroom fitting and tiling – £1250

Total – £2903

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